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Can the Idea behind a Product be More Valuable than the Product?

In this era of intense competition, innovation plays a key role in any organization’s growth and success. When a company innovates, InventHelp Products it actually invents two things: the product itself and the set of ideas behind it.
New products consist of new ideas, and product value actually resides in these ideas. Unfortunately, most companies fail to exploit their own innovations. Let’s look at several points on the importance of ideas.
The value of a product concept may be bigger than the product itself.
There is something interesting about the Facebook controversy between the Winklevoss twins and Mark Zuckerberg that most people may have missed. The twins may have created the interface for students to interact with one another, but it was Zuckerberg who turned that idea into a global social network. In this case, the value of the interface created by the Winklevoss twins was less than that of the idea behind it. Mark Zuckerberg took the same idea and created history.

What To Do If You Have An Idea For An Invention

Once you have your idea for an invention then you need to go about getting it down on paper and seeing if it is something that is worthy of your attention. There are companies out there that will help you through the entire process of patenting your invention and getting it in front of the people that would be interested in it. You can contact InventHelp for this purpose. They have been helping innovators and companies to patent their ideas and products and market them. You can learn more about them here InventHelp Idea .

What is Prior Art And It Can Affect Your Patent Application?

Closer inspection reveals that the on the shelf item does not bear a patent-pending or in force patent number. What does this mean? This means that you could manufacturer items as well, but you could not patent it. The on the shelf item is just as damaging to your patent application as any patented item is. It shows that your invention InventHelp Patentis not as novel as you had hoped. If you need to get over problems, you should get an expert's help. You can learn how patent firms can help you

Get Your Invention Off the Ground with the Support of InventHelp

One of the issues that new inventors may face is that, although they may have a fabulous idea for a green invention, they do not know where to go for help and advice. Well, one thing you can do is turn to experts such as those at InventHelp, who have years of experience in helping those who come up with fantastic invention ideas and creations. This can make a huge difference to your success, and ultimately, it could make a huge difference to our environment.
New Inventors Receive Invaluable Assistance from InventHelp Anyone who is new to the world of inventing will know just what a daunting experience it can be. It can be very challenging to find your way around this industry as a newbie, and sometimes this can lead to new inventors simply giving up on their invention idea and going back to their normal lives. This then means that the world misses out on what could potentially be a great invention that could improve lives. 
Many new inventors, however, have found a solution to this probl…